• Passion

    We all want to make new era of air mobility and more smiles of people.

    Pro Bono

    All we are volunteers. However, all here are professionals.

  • Members

    Let me introduce you some of our members!!

    Tasuku Nakai

    Project Leader

    Masaru Okada

    Electronic Engeneer

    Major telcom

    Akihiro Mizutani

    Project Management

    Major heavy industry

    Koya Kuwamura

    Software Engeneer

    Major telcom

    K. S.

    Officer of companies

    K. K.

    CTO drone startup


    Grad student

    Technische Universität München

    T. M.

    Major generator corp

    Masato Umeda

    T. I.

    Major telcom

    Shoichi Sato

    Industrial Designer


    President of startups


    CEO drone startup


    CEO drone startup